Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Drew Tiny Little Pictures of Skeletons

Actually, no, I didn't. But someone did. Probably they did. Maybe just sang about it.
I went to London this Spring Break. I have nothing witty or sarcastic to say about it. I think I've always wanted to get out of wherever I was. Though I'd been across the country and into parts of the Caribbean, I've always travelled with family. London was the first time without that context. It's good to know, definitively, that the world really is much bigger than my small circles.
Really, I look at what I draw, why I've drawn, and it's always about the same thing: gaining insight into a wonderful kinds of places I've never been, or in some cases, can never go.
I think, if I'm able, I'll make it a point to travel all over when I'm older. And I'll try to keep records wherever I go.
There was going to be a picture with this post; it won't load. So the opening quote won't make any sense, really. Don't know that I care.

Water World

Water World was a movie about a world filled with water. It was also filled with Kevin Costner, whose magnanimity has secured for our illustration class the chance to maybe design a logo for his new production company. Maybe. It's called Treehouse Films.  These are my entries, probably.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

International Women's Day

It is, apparently. Thanks, CNN. As usual, I forgot to buy International Women's Day gifts, and I'm now billions of thoughtful presents in the hole.
Anyway, these are color studies. Nine of the same, albeit more finished-er, plus two new ones, arranged exquisitely according to my baroque alphabet and Blogger's Dada loading methods. For those unfamiliar with the system, you can click on any picture to blow it up. Er, expand it, I mean. Though the other way would be pretty cool.