Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Big Ben.

Following the London pilgrimage, the group is making a book. As the Resident Illustration Buddy, I volunteered to paint the cover. It's done in Painter, a program that allows me to paint when I don't feel like moving four feet to my left to my actual work desk.


David DeCoster said...

wow. nice job, brian.....makes me wonder why i'm still using real paint.

annie h. said...

Resident Illustration Buddy = RIB
yeah, we've all been there. sweet lookin' painterly thingie there. hey, click on my name and check out a comic i did today--sharing stuff with you that i've done is always scary and exciting and fun and weird.

Veronica Lyn said...

Hey Brian,

My sister Abby Pastore recommended I check out your blog - I'm also an Illustration major (though I'm quiting to go into fashion) at the Ringling College in Florida. Your stuff is kick-ass. This painting is amazing. Really impressed. =)

my blog:
if you see my work on here you will see why I'm getting out of traditional art ha ha ;) best of luck to you!