Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Diversionary Tactics.

Honestly, I think that robot would hit its own antenna every time it fires its old-timey revolver. Still, I hear the NRA is interested in further development.
Been trying to replace that self-portrait in the upper corner for a while now. This is about as good it's gettin', folks.
Virot, like Hitchcock, prefers to stand in slightly aloof profile.
The one on the left was drawn a meager fifteen seconds before the one on the right. During that brief moment, all my volumes went to pot.
Drawing my left hand is much easier than drawing my right.
Whenever my paintings get particularly complex, my sketches tend to get pretty simple.
Using Staedler Calligraph Pen here. Rather like the hair.
My London Guide, an English Professor, called this 'interesting.' She pronounced the quotation marks. I think she just wishes she had a robot.

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