Saturday, February 9, 2013

Target Practice (WIP)

So I started 2013 off with the farcical idea of having a finished piece to show every week. I've made this resolution five of the past six years and kept it zero of the past ever. Obviously, I have not succeeded so far this year.

Recent experience has taught me some important lessons. I've always known that there is virtue in pushing oneself to the point of failure - it's about the surest way to make sure you're actually gaining ground, and not simply rehashing the most comfortable aspects of techniques you already know. However, unrealistic goals aren't only demotivating - they're disorganizing. Taking on a project 110% greater than you can reasonably achieve seems to lead to good results; insisting on 200% overscope tends to lead to a lot of fractured, half formed materials.

Basically, what I'm saying is putting out the volume of work I used to insist on isn't as useful to me as I'd like it to be. It encourages half solutions that don't really improve on the existing skill base in a really useful way. As such, I'm revising my idea to give myself a little more breathing room, and hopefully find a way to to really improve my work in the process.

What I will try to do is show _something_ once a week, generally a work in progress or a series of thoughts and sketches on a particular subject. As a bonus, this pacing makes me more accountable to an intelligent, structured working process, which, at this point, is actually more interesting to me than the results. And maybe it's more interesting for you to see to see how I'm thinking as well.

Anyway! Here goes:

I do a lot of different things at Hi-Rez, and recently I've been concentrating more on organic sculpting and concept work, which is awesome, but I miss hard surface a mite from time to time, so I built this'n to keep the ol' skills sharp. High poly is basically ready - next up comes the low, uv, and bakes.

Oh, and P.S.: I'm working on migrating to a Wordpress site integrated with my main site. This should give me a little more flexibility in terms of presentation and ease of use. Also, only three people on earth (max) have any idea who 'Makanops' actually is, which makes it a dumb name for a blog. I'll let you all know when it switches over.

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