Sunday, February 24, 2008

Legion, Manifest(o)

Illustration this semester is all about preparing for 'The Show,' an industry term for professional practice we never, ever use. Somewhere between us and the bittersweet reality of actual, productive human society is an awful lot of self-promotion. 
In the spirit of getting we've never met to like us, we're essentially building a masterwork project that shows off our accrued skills in a portable and appreciable manner. I decided to create a series of postcards. The source material is all from Archetype, but I'm presenting it in a way that (hopefully) makes sense to the creative sectors of gaming and movies.
The following are all color studies at varying levels of refinement.

Aside: If you can read this, it means this loaded. If it loaded, like, forty angels are now aerial.

1 comment:

annie h. said...

please leave the fifth one down the way it is.
...actually, maybe the hair could use a little refining, it sticks out a little. but the effects and coloring on the background/building are really special. great job.