Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Re: 2010

i. Thanks to everyone who ordered a Christmas Card. I hope you like them; I'm out of them.

ii. In 2009, I set out to produce a piece a week. I produced 32 pieces, reaching 61.5% of that goal. D-. Oddly enough, in 2008, I produced 50 pieces. A. It sort of counter-indicates the whole idea. Obviously, there are a number of variables to consider, but, surprisingly, they more or less neatly cancel out. I'll be dropping the strict production schedule in 2010 and continue to point out updates on Facebook, Twitter, and wherever else the cool kids 'hang.'

iii. I will be offering prints. Soon.

1 comment:

Luke said...

Got the card you sent. It looks great... thanks for sending them!