Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I find it helps me remember something if a fictional person says it.

Smoking is a terrible habit. I haven't drawn his lungs, but, believe me, they're just awful.

Which Lich is which?

This took about a half an hour, which it turns out is way too long to hold a mirror stationary in one arm.

I've been drawing these string things lately. The round, concentric ones I've taken to calling 'barnacles.' The system is heavily involved in representing Archetype's 'mana.'

Weird coincidences make for some cool effects when you overlap drawings.

I draw this hand a lot.

Random girl, tenuously attributed to an airport queuing line.

A full page. They're mostly like this.

A family pet reclines.

A family pet thinks of Socrates in grids.

I mean, seriously. Also from an airport.

I don't know either.

Tarentino does the American Revolution.

I think I may have stabbed this guy with an 8-bit sword a couple thousand times.

From Archetype. Stating and restating the scenes now as refine the for the final build. As in all design, grids seem to accelerate the process. Also, trying to get by with as little text as possible.

Alien feller.


David DeCoster said...

That lich is pretty cool.

Brian Wells said...

Thanks! It's one of my favorite pages of late.