Saturday, September 25, 2010

What I've Been Up To Lately

Hey, everybody. Long time no see. To those of you have may have missed the announcement, I started grad school at the Guildhall at SMU this August. I'm learning to make art for video games. It's been busy, busy times, so I haven't had much to show you, art-wise.

Anyway, I'm nearing the end of my first Module (we have some sort of bizarro quadramester system here) and I'm starting to get stuff put together enough to show you.

Early concept art for the first Team Game Project, which starts next Module. Each student pitched a single concept and eight of the 41 were chosen. Lucky me, mine made the cut, and as a bonus perk, I'm automatically assigned as Lead Artist for my team.

99.95% of all video games contain crates and barrels regardless of how insane it is to actually find a crate or a barrel in many of the locations in which they are found. (Seriously? Why is there a stack of barrels on the wing of this jet fighter?) The simple reason for this is that they're dang easy to make. This is a render from my very first 3ds Max Lab. The crates and barrels where modeled and textured after actual examples here in Plano.

The minor course of the art track is essentially designed to get students unfamiliar with Photoshop up to speed before 2d games start next semester. Most days involve a 30 min to an hour speed painting (as seen above). In addition, there are two larger projects, an animation cycle and an assignment to copy a portrait photograph down to the pixel level. Though not totally done, I'm a little ahead on both of those.

Also, if you're a fellow student and first time visitor, please, have a look around. Oh, and you can click on anything to see a larger size.

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