Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ice Nine

Mother Nature, in yet another attempt to murder her children, recently converted the state of Texas into an enormous ice rink. Like most of my fellows here at the Guildhall, I was huddled inside, pining desperately for warmth and daring not to venture into the pitiless glass sea that stretched endlessly in every direction. Condemned as I was to remain ensconced within my apartment until the sun saw fit to free me, I actually had a bit of time away from class and classwork. So, hey, blog update.

I don't get to do much drawing anymore, I'm sad to say - most of my time is poured into modeling and texture work. (My last sketchbook lasted four months!) On the rare occasion that I get to actually illustrate something, I end up throwing a lot of time into it. The above were for matte painting and splash page assignments, respectively. The splash page isn't technically due yet, so it may change.

We started character modeling this 'mod' (Guildhall slang for 'eight week temporal chunklet.' Not to be confused with a quadmester, which sounds both sillier and more academic at once). Above is a model sheet and turntable for Chashmal, created in the style of Unreal Tournament 3. We're getting into rigging him for animation later.

I'd like to say that I'll be updating more regularly, but I'm trying not to lie to you. My schedule is morbidly hectic and I can only rarely find this time; still, have patience, I am not dead, and I have not forgotten you.

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